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Programs and Services

Diverse Learning Environments

Child at Psychologist
Child at Psychologist

1:1 ABA Therapy

In person and online Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy for children and adolescents with special needs. Sessions cover- Assessment, weekly and monthly progress reports, Behaviour Intervention Plan (B.I.P) for problem behaviours and Individual Education Plans (I.E.P) to teach Social Skills, Play Skills, Leisure Skills, Academics, Expressive and Receptive Communication skills, Self- help Skills, Cooperation Skills, Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Serious Child

Parent Training Program

Parent training sessions are divided in two categories:

  • Category 1: 12 easy to navigate triweekly ABA training series. Sessions will teach parents and caregivers all the essential methods used to teach skills in ABA and manage challenging behaviours. Sessions will include easy to navigate teaching materials and detailed explanation on each topic along with video examples for each technique. Certification of attendance will be provided upon successful completion of the training series.

  • Category 2: Training sessions based on your child's assessment, Individualised Education Plans and Behaviour Support Plans. Feedback, teaching materials and graphical progress reports will be provided weekly and monthly.

Serious Child
Child at Psychologist
Child Doing Art Activity

Assessment Plans

Individualised Education plan (plans to teach skills in its order of difficulty) and Behaviour Intervention Plan (Plans to manage challenging behaviours at home) based on the child's learning barriers.

  • Skills Assessments based on VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, EFL, AFL, PEAK

  • Problem Behaviour Assessment based on -Indirect assessment methods (ABC data) and direct assessment methods (Functional Analysis)

*This does not include therapy sessions/ teaching sessions

Math Homework

Supervision for ABATs

We provide in person and remote supervision hours to individuals appearing for Applied Behaviour Analysis Technician Certification (QABA)

Childs Pyschologist
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