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Our story

BrainWeave ABA therapy was founded in 2019 by Anurita Baid. In India, nearly 1 in every 8 children suffer from neurodevelopmental disorder. At BrainWeave, we believe that every child on the spectrum is unique and so are their learning styles, imagination, way of performing skills and way of communicating their needs. Our teaching methods are designed to highlight each child's individuality. Our aim is to help our learners gain independence in all spheres of development.


We strongly advocate for Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention i.e. intensive therapy at a young age so the child's skills can be at par with their developmental milestones.


At BrainWeave, we do not make judgments about behaviour. We try to understand behaviour as an adaptive response (a way of coping) and suggest ways of adjusting and modifying behaviours to reduce pain and suffering and increase personal happiness and effectiveness.

We work on the researched principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis.

About Applied Behaviour Analysis

Applied Behaviour Analysis originated in the early 90s and is based upon the work of Dr. B.F. Skinner and Dr. Ole Ivar Lovaas. The field studies individual behaviours that can be seen and measured which is essential to mark the exact extent to which a target behaviour has increased or decreased. It aims to change "socially significant" behaviours i.e. behaviours that are important for an individual to gain independence and interact with the society like Communication skills, Self help skills,Cooperation skills,Leisure skills and Social skills.


ABA therapy covers different teaching techniques to teach skills and manage problem behaviours such as as Verbal Behaviour (VB), Natural Environment Teaching (NET),  and Discrete Trial Training (DTT).

ABA therapy can be taught in different settings like home, school, park, super market, clinic and all the environments the child interacts in.​

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