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BrainWeave ABA Thearpy

Accept. Learn. Grow. 

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Anurita Baid ABA and Autism Expert


ABA and Autism Expert

Anurita Baid is India's first Qualified Autism Service Practitioner and Supervisor (QASP-S) and an International Behavior Analyst (IBA). She completed her post graduate studies in Applied Behaviour Analysis from National University of Ireland, Galway. She has 6 years of experience working with children on the Autism Spectrum, Down Syndrome, ADHD and Learning Disabilities.



Diverse Learning Environments

One On One ABA Therapy

In person and online Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy for children and adolescents with special needs. 

ABA Workshops for Parents

Training sessions for parents to teach skills, promote positive behaviour change, reduce challenging behaviour and foster independence in their children.

Assessment for Age 1 to 16 years

Individualised Education Plans based on skill assessment and Behaviour Intervention Plans based on learning barriers and problem behaviours of the learner

Supervision for ABATs

Supervision hours to individuals appearing for Applied Behaviour Analysis Technician Certification



Know Our Motivation

BrainWeave ABA therapy was founded in 2019 by Anurita Baid. In India, nearly 1 in every 8 children suffer from neurodevelopmental disorder. At BrainWeave, we believe that every child on the spectrum is unique and so are their learning styles, imagination, way of performing skills and way of communicating their needs. Our teaching methods are designed to highlight each child's individuality. 


Parents and Professional Recommend

Soni M. (Bangalore)

Ms Anurita is highly qualified to understand the needs and level of the child and works on the overall development.

She assessed my child and addressed all our issues with 100% dedication. She also suggested plans to solve problems at home like toilet training, problem behaviours and tantrums during eating

Nabneeta S. (Kolkatta)

I got hugely benefitted by the ABA parent training program with BrainWeave ABA. We were provided with detailed steps of every activity, its goal and the objective of achieving each goal in the short and long run. Video examples made me understand how to implement each goal easily with my child

Baba Farid Centre for Special Children (Faridkot)

We are a centre for special education. We underwent  Applied Behaviour Analysis training for our staff with BrainWeave ABA therapy. Each topic was curated specially for our understanding and implementation. We could understand each and every concept explained with ease. The video examples and question answer session before and after the classes eliminated all our doubts


Watch Us In Action!

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Teaching children with Autism and developmental disorders (7 easy steps in Hindi)
BrainWeave ABA therapy

Teaching children with Autism and developmental disorders (7 easy steps in Hindi)

Parents working to teach their children with Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome or other developmental disorders often struggle with teaching a new skill, following a schedule or gaining compliance to simple direction following. These 7 steps of instructional control will help you teach your children by earning their instructional control and motivating them to participate in the learning process by principles of positive reinforcement and clearly defined rules. Associating your self with your child's preferred items and activities and gaining their assent to participate in an activity or simple requests are key steps to teaching any skill. Be your child's favourite teacher (Fun but thorough) To learn more about our parent training sessions on teaching your child at home with BrainWeave ABA contact us on: Email: WhatsApp: +91 8511952126 References: Cooper, J.O., Heron, T.E., Heward, W.L. (2007). Applied Behavior Analysis. S.I.: PEARSON Schramm, R., Miller, M. (2014) The 7 Steps for Earning Instructional Control. ProABA. Link to 7 steps to earning instructional control by Robert Schramm-
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